more and less

More coffee and more slow.  Less I wonder if they even know.

More giggles and more play.  Less structure to every day.

More quiet and listening.  Less rush to assumptions and limiting.

More honest and more feeling.  Less running and leaving.

More writing and more reading.  Less letting dreams lay sleeping.

More song and more dance.  Less sitting and missing the chance.

More hugs and more love.  Less wondering about being enough.

More believing the best.  Less room for doubt to manifest.

More intention and planned time.  Less showing up just part-time. 

More true and more real.  Less working hard to conceal.

More listening to the heart and soul.  Less maintaining control.

More action to my love.  Less only speaking of.

More building in good patterns.  Less spending time on things that don’t matter.

More coffee and more slow. More hey I want you to know.