We're Doin' This

I need to write.  I just need to write.  Something.  Even if it's poorly written and of little interest to anyone else.  I've done the therapeutic writing; I've journaled; I've done the random blog posts.  I'm not sure what-if anything- is going to come of this, but we'll see.  I just know that I get a lot of comments from people who enjoy reading about my boys and my life on my Facebook posts, and that makes me smile.  One person even pulled me aside, with tears in his eyes, to tell me that he had a very tough week, and reading my posts at the end of some rough days was just the thing he needed to help unwind at night, and face it all again tomorrow.  Whoa.

I feel like I've been sensing God work in my life lately, and I feel like the only way I can screw up His great plan is to think that I have any control over what He's doing.  When I think I have guessed God's next move, and I over assert myself in that direction rather than wait for God to prepare and move and lead, then those are the times I hit the roadblocks.  Those are the times when the reality check hits, and the easy becomes hard and forced and ineffective.

So, we'll see.  In this "give it to me quick and dirty" world, I don't know if anyone even reads blogs anymore.  Especially a blog without a bulleted list.  But, whatevs.  Do with it what you will.  I'm not even sure it's for you, anyway.  (Did that sound mean?  It wasn't meant to be.)